Downloadable JPEGs

The file format allows you to enlarge particular areas for more detailed inspection.

Easier to read the fine detail
You may print off sections (but please, not for commercial use) for reports or family history projects.

In most cases you can probably identify objects and landmarks better on screen.

Download immediately on payment


Royal English Atlas by Emanuel Bowen

Historical maps are valuable research tools, excellent for exploring the past of your local area. Discover the layout and features of every county as they were in the 18th Century.

Each plate can be digitally enlarged to read the finer detail - like place names

Featuring the Royal English Atlas re-mastered digitally, these are available individually for private and personal use, and for educational establishments and students.

After 300 years you must allow for some imperfections!

Please allow for some imperfections - certainly when using printed copies for reports or historical records.

The Royal English Atlas original images may have suffered over the 300 or so years since they were initially engraved. This does not spoil the fun of discovery, nor the authenticity of the original plates.

In fact, the beauty of this ancient art of cartography is made even more enjoyable.

Each plate contains historical notes
Reprints of original historical documents
Authentic work of Kitchin and Bowen
Complete series of England & Wales

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